9 de January de 2022
How do you make decisions about your website?

On social media, metrics help us verify the quality and reach of our content, allowing us to improve and filter what will be shared.

The vast majority of people use social media for a good part of the day, even during work hours. Therefore, the better the quality and relevance of the generated content, the greater the chance of engaging the target audience present on these social platforms.

However, what about our website? The people accessing your site are directly interested in something you provide, whether it’s a product or a service. They arrived there with the objective of finding a solution or acquiring a product. Unlike social media, where you directly address your audience and try to capture their attention, on your website, potential customers come to you. They entered your “digital establishment.”

  • “Oh, but Jefte, I brought them from social media, from search engines. I invested in sponsorships to get these customers to my site. How can you say that I didn’t approach them?”

It’s not about what happened for them to get there, but rather the reason they are there. Imagine you distributed flyers, put up billboards, had a loudspeaker in the street, participated in commercial campaigns, and customers started showing up at your store. These have already gone through the approach process and are directly interested in your products and/or services, which is why they come to your establishment. Similarly, you sponsored campaigns to attract them to your website. We can consider organic visits (without sponsorship) as customers passing by on the street and entering your establishment.

Now let’s analyze the behavior of those who entered your establishment. Just like we do in physical stores: What did they buy? Which products did they look at but didn’t take? Did they put items in the cart but then abandoned it and left without buying? How much time did they spend analyzing that product? We can conduct various behavioral analyses to improve results.

The great advantage we have in analyzing customers who access our digital establishment is complete monitoring of their actions while within our website/platform. Where did they click? Which products did they view? How much time did they spend on each product? Where are they accessing from? Which city and state? Did they access from a computer, Android, or iPhone?

With all this information, we do the same as we would in our physical establishment. We make business decisions to identify what is working and what is not. We decide which products will go on sale, which pages need more information, which area needs to be highlighted. Just like we view the quality of our content on social media and make decisions, we can identify if we are being sought for the right reasons, if we are effective in making our website a functional tool for our customers’ needs.

This is a brief summary of how metrics can assist us in making decisions within our websites/platforms. Understanding the behavior of our customers/users is essential. Would you like to know more? Comment below.


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